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1. Product Name: WP LinkShield
2. Creator: Michael Thomas & Chris Hitman
3. Focus on: WP Plugin
4. Target niche: New Generation WP Link Cloaking Plugin – FB & Twitter friendly. Auto Protects against Commission loses + Manages Dead Affiliate Links.
5. Official Website: WpLinkShield.com
6. Launch Date: Saturday, 22nd August 10:00AM EDT!
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So what is WP LINK SHIELD??

WP Links Shield is a TOTALLY NEW link cloaking & management tool that’s purpose built for Affiliate Marketers:
– It never displays the raw link like conventional cloakers so your links are protected.
– It’s social media friendly with Opengraph meta images & descriptions.
– It monitors for dead/expired affiliate links & mails you problems.
– It creates an automatic affiliate offer summary page using a simple shortcode.
– It redirects dead & expired links to a page of your choice or your “offer summary page”.
– It allows you to redirect your 404s to a page of your choice or an “offer summary page”.
– It makes your affiliate links look natural with your site name and maintaining your site branding.
It’s extremely SIMPLE TO USE & once installed you can control & edit ALL your affiliate links from the WP Dashboard.

Here's what WP Link Shield will do for you

WP Link Shield will help you:

1. Prevents Commission Losses By Link Sharing And Browser Switching
2. Blocks Unwanted Exit Pops
3. Increases Link Trust By Natural Keywords And Site Branding
4. Auto Detects & Redirects Broken Affiliate Offers
5. 100% Social Media Friendly - Yes, These Links Work In FaceBook And Twitter
6. Boosts Social CTR With Full Meta Control
7. Instant Social Sharing To Twitter & FaceBook
8. Add Scarcity To Any Affiliate Link (OTO1)
9. Add Bonus Reminder Bar To Any Affiliate Link (OTO1)


WP Link Shield is a WordPress plugin that prevents affiliates from losing commissions for any sale which is a problem that occurs with standard cloaked links and affiliate links.
As a full-time affiliate marketer myself, I was absolutely thrilled when I found out about this product because I’ve lost several sales due to problems inherent to using cloaked links and it’s the worst feeling knowing that you’ve lost money that you earned.
But an even worse feeling than that is knowing there’s more sales I’ve lost that I don’t even know about!
I would feel much better knowing that it isn’t even possible to lose commissions that I’ve earned each time I make a sale through my website and that’s the confidence I’m able to have by using WP Link Shield.
Consider these 2 affiliate links for the exact same offer:
Link #1: http://hitmanpublishing.com/go/wpplrbundle.php
Link #2: http://
Link #1 is your standard “Pretty Link” or “cloaked link”. When it is clicked, the user will be redirected to the destination sales page:
As you can see, Link #1 was just a cloaked version of the real link for the sales page.
According to case studies and statistics, about 10-20% of visitors will copy the URL that comes up from your link and opens that link separately, perhaps the link gets shared, opened in another tab, opened in another brwoser or some other way that ultimately disassociates your affiliate ID from the link which means if they finally make the purchase, you lose the sale.
Link #2 – on the other hand – was created with WP Link Shield, so let’s observe how this link responds to being clicked…
When Link #2 is clicked, the user is NOT redirected to any other URL; they stay at the exact same URL that they expected to go to:
This is no different from someone clicking a link to CNN.com and ending up CNN.com.
With WP Link Shield, your visitors are NOT going to be redirected to an entirely different website when they click on your affiliate links which means you will not be susceptible to 100+ possibilities in which you might lose commissions!


>>> Check out full feature of WP Link Shield <<<

Price of Product? 
Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $17 - $37 (now 27$(limited time)) is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

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